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Grading Guide

The StageGrade concept is simple: We gather and read every published review of every show, assign each review a letter grade based on how the critic responded, and then use the median grade to reveal the critical consensus.

How do we determine the grades? The editors at StageGrade read the reviews for a show and assign each individual review a letter grade that reflects how we think the critic has rated the show. After we've assigned a grade to all the reviews for the show, we calculate the median grade of all those individual grades, which becomes that show's overall grade. Below is a rough guide to how we determine a critic's grade for each individual review:

    A+The critic gives the show over-the-top praise, often including a call to action ("Run, don't walk!") or the word "masterpiece."
    AThe critic gives superlative, enthusiastic praise all around.
    A-The review contains high praise with at least one quibble.
    B+There's positive, even warm praise, but somehow just short of excited enthusiasm.
    BA generally positive review, but the critic isn't fired up about it.
    B-A respectful, even admiring review, but the critic sees some big problems.
    C+The review gives a shrug and sprinkles a few compliments.
    C-The review is just shy of an outright slam.
    D+The review is more negative than positive, with a caveat or two.
    DThe critic finds things to complain about everywhere.
    D-The review overall has a tone of complaint.
    F+The critic gives the show all punches, and maybe one kiss.
    FThe review conveys hatred.
    F-The critic's hatred is burning, and/or the critic dismisses the show as worthless.
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