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About Us

StageGrade exists to help you answer this burning question:

"What show should I see in New York City?"

The StageGrade concept is simple: We gather and read every published review of every show, assign each review a grade based on how the critic responded, and then use the median grade to reveal the critical consensus.

You can get the latest show grades on Twitter, Facebook, RSS, or email.

Soon, we'll be adding features that let you to submit your own reviews, keep track of which reviewers you trust, and get personalized recommendations. If you'd like to be kept in the know, please create a free StageGrade account!

StageGrade was originally launched by Rob Weinert-Kendt and Isaac Butler in 2008 as the blog Critic-O-Meter. Then as now, our goal is to ensure that every critic with something worthwhile to say is considered equally, so that readers can get a sense of what the overall consensus (or lack thereof) about a given show really is. Our editorial staff also includes Karl Miller and Linda Buchwald.

If you would like to know more about what the grades mean and how we arrive at them, please visit our Grading Guide.